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Aquatek Ltd is a well overdue response to an industry that is dogged by years of underperformance, bad reputation and public suspicion. As anyone knows, finding a plumber or a heating engineer is one of the most daunting tasks of managing the household. Finding a reliable and trustworthy plumber or heating engineer is almost considered utopia.

We, at Aquatek Ltd, decided to do something about this by designing a powerful network of pre-approved plumbers and heating engineers. The company is protected by a high standard required forPlumbers Plumbingadmission and equally high level of qualification and certification required on an on-going basis. All plumbers that handle gas boiler are fully Gas Safe certified, and accordingly all heating engineers have the required qualification for the type of heating systems they are assigned to. The bar not only is high upon entry, it is constantly being raised. This is done through ongoing feedback solicited from our customers You can post your positive, and negative, experience with your plumber or heating engineer.

Plumber at Aquatek Ltd is managed by a group of experienced engineers, with complementing areas of expertise to ensure that our network addresses all relevant aspects of the heating and plumbing industry. Our expertise includes areas of Central Heating Systems, Boilers (Gas, Oil, System Boilers, Combination Boilers, High Efficiency Condensing Boilers), Solar Thermal Energy and other renewable technologies, as well as a wide range of tangential areas.

In simple words: we pick up the phone when you call. Our staff is fully trained by professional plumbers and heating engineers to deal with your plumbing and heating related issues and would be delighted to help find the most qualified and capable local plumber to attend to you as soon as possible. For non emergency calls (say replacement of an old boiler) we can normally book a visit same day or next day.

Our powerful database systems allow us to develop and constantly improve our network of plumbers and heating engineers. We constantly trawl our sophisticated software for feedback and immediately identify pockets of weakness. Plumbers with weak feedback scores are struck off our list. Only the best performers stay on our network and get to work with our customers. This is your ultimate guarantee of quality.

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